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Our app icon is a design of a glowing falcon, soaring over the city of Dubai where I learned a lot about these great birds. Their loyalty, special skills and speed inspired me a lot when designing our icon.

Our app name was "DeluxeFX", born 2012 April but we felt to change its name after years. Because we don't want to serve just a photo editing app, we want to give you a magazine and a learning platform too. We believe "iamTravelr" is a good fit because we will add a lot of travel related sections.

On the other hand, we always loved film and so we emulated some of our most favorite ones in Lightroom and we mixed them with our fresh ideas to make the filters a better fit for travel and fashion photographers.

First time in the app store! We are releasing our premium quality Lightroom presets completely FREE for you to download! We can’t wait to see the stunning photos and videos you create using our presets! Please go to the downloads page and sign up to our newsletter, the download link will be emailed to you shortly.

You can even use our filters on Photoshop Camera Raw (.acr format), Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and more!

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    Mar 6, 2018
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Hi, I am an iOS app developer, travel photographer and an avid Instagram user. This is a place where we share our travel and photography experiences. Grab a coffee and enjoy :)

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