1. Gimbal Walk

    Kusdasi Help Needed!

    Hey everyone, Firstly I'm brand new here to be gentle! I'm travelling to Kusadasi this month to film a few walks in the area for a few days. I need help recommending great walks that I can film and put on Youtube Any ideas?
  2. iamtravelr

    Artichoke food in Kusadasi

    Is there any good restaurant that serves artichoke food in Kusadasi?
  3. sexyshirl

    Kusadasi To Istanbul Via Rail And Ferry

    I have a travel bug and quite fancy travelling to Istanbul overland by Train (for the adventure) and wonder if any of you lovely people have any ideas on this -- Thanks in advance
  4. G

    Dolmus 3/4

    Hello all, new to the forum but have an apartment up in Turkmen which we visit about 3 times a year as my wife and I love Kusadasi. The 3/4 Dolmus goes right outside our apartment so its easy to get into town/harbour (although we prefer to walk). But we have no clue how to get the Dolmus back...