Ahhhh i got in!!!

hey as many of u know i had a college interview today! and i just wanted to share my good news that i got in! im well chuffed they sed at my interview i got in anyway but they wanted to have a chat! and also if i dont get the correct grades they will still let me have a place to do something else! hehe xxxx :D
Cardinal Newman College!


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Just looking at the site the now..They have got some great courses. Wow..

The college looks fandabbydozey...

I did the advanced Leisure & Tourism & Travel & Tourism, so if you ever need any help, I'm ere <3

You are gonna have a ball, it is such a great course...And so interesting..you get to learn all about Customer services, Marketing in the industry ect...but you also get to go on such fun trips hehe.

hey well done!!!! glad you got in!!!

i so can't wait to start university in september!!!! it will be so much fun!!!

WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luv ya