I am Christelle

hello people,

I am christelle and this is my first time here. :) !
love this site,very intresting!
I go on may the 22th to kusadasi,i can`t wait.

Kisses ;)


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Hey Christelle honey, :)

Nice to have you on the forums. I garentee the information you find here will give you great preparation for your holiday in May.

Welcome & Enjoy...

Mella -xox


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You're welcome..

It's great to have new members and I garentee you will be addicted to this forum, most of the members are.

Oh Now I see you are from Holland! Leuk!

Veel plezier hier, schat..

Christelle, lots of nice friendly people here for you to mingle with and work out your plans for Kusadasi!



christelle said:
Thanx Merlin for your welcome!

How are you?......... :)
I really like this site,nice people here!...

Kisses Christelle xxxx
Yeah ok thanks hun!

Forum is really easy going so just take your time and mellow. Its all about Kusadasi here!

Where are you gonna be staying?

Merv ;)
christelle said:
Pine bay holiday resort!It`s a couple of kilometres outside Kusadasi......you know that? :)

kisses Christelle ;) smak!
Just up the road from me! Really lovely 5 star hotel all inclusive and IMO the best hotel in Kusadasi.

A little bit outta the way for the night life after the rents have hit the sack but even the taxi fare back after midnight is well worth the price for the quality of the hotel.

You will have a lovely time and to top this holiday you must speak to all the girlies here who are the BAR STREET experts!

Hope you have a real lovely time and a holiday to remember! Anything you need, just ask!

Merlin :p
Thanx for your info,Merlin!....
Yet,one month and two weeks i`ll go to Kusadasi,i`m really excited about it!...
I will have a very lovely time in Kusa,i know that :p ,there`s no doubt of it! ;)

and how`s the weather in May ?.....

Kisses Christelle :)
christelle said:
I will have a very lovely time in Kusa,i know that :p ,there`s no doubt of it! ;)
Insallah! (Lets hope;) )

May in Kusadasi is never a problem, it will be hot.

To keep in touch with the forecasts as your hoiday approaches you can try this link christelle


Dont take too much notice now because we are really just coming out of winter, even though it says cloudy, the sun was still shining today.

I think all the other girlies on the forum are doing their nails or getting drunk up the pub, they will def be on later! :p
Allright,i hope when i`m in Kusa the weather is also fine!...

What means they will def be on later? :eek: ..
Sorry but my English is not so good?!
HAHAHA... :)

christelle said:
What means they will def be on later? :eek: ..
Sorry - being lazy with my writing!

I meant all the girls will definitely be on here later to welcome you!

:doh: Merv!
hey christelle hunnie!
welcome to the forum! im really sure ul fit right in here and im positive u will have a good holiday and when u get back u will have to tell us all about it!
Lots of Love Joanne xxx
n ps uv got a well cool name im jealous :p xxx