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A bus filled with only ugly people crashes and everyone dies.

They all go straight to heaven.

But, because they all died in such a horrible way, God feels bad, so he decides to grant all of them one wish.

He tells them to be careful and think hard about what they truely want.

The first man goes up and says, "I want to be handsome." Poof, it is done.

The second person hears this and says, "I also want to be gorgeous." Poof, it is done.

This continues until about halfway through the line, the last guy starts to giggle a little bit.

People keep wishing to be handsome/gorgeous.

Finally, by the time the last guy is up there, he is rolling on the floor laughing.

God says to him, "OK, it is your turn, make sure you know what you want."

The guy straightens himself up and looks at God and says,

"Make em all ugly again." :doh:


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hahahah that's a 10 on the giggle-o-meter.

Except I ruined it and read the last line first. doh!!!! :eek:
Keep 'm comming Lee, I am having a great time, although my collegues are looking at me if I am crazy....laughing at the computer al the time :p