Thinking of buying a Car?

Eventually, once you have settled in your new home, you may want to consider purchasing a car so you can get out of the main town and explore other parts of Turkey.

A car purchase would most likely be the second largest investment you make next to your house, so a little bit of planning is again necessary.

Second Hand vehicles are offered by a few private dealers operating in Kusadasi as well as the big main dealers like Ford and Renault.

Whilst a new purchase from a main dealer can be quite painless (apart from the cost!), second hand, can have its pitfuls - no different than you would expect from buying a second hand car from the UK.

Heres a useful website - its probably the largest Turkish online auto site and is a great way of getting the feel for the current market price according to make and model

I make no recommendation about this company - personally using it just for market values.

Aa a foreigner living in Turkey, you will be subject to some additional paperwork when purchasing a car, but any reputable trader will be happy to complete this for you. Incidentally, buying second hand, YOU MUST make proper checks that the vehicle does not have any traffic violations attached to it.

Unlike the UK, a fixed penalty or traffic violation is on the vehicle NOT the person. So, someone buying a car MUST make sure that all prior penalties, (if any) are fully paid up before you take title.

If I had to make any suggestions, they would be as follows:

1. Dont go for prestige, go for practicality.

2. Consider servicing costs.

3. Is the guarantee (if offered) on a second hand car worth anything! Enforcing it can be futile.

4. Consider a gas powered vehicle over Petrol. Petrol is now more expensive in Turkey than the UK.

5. Full Insurance IMO is a waste of money. Just go for the basic cover, but be aware it will only cover 3rd party injury or death. The difference in price for basic and full is staggering. Again, getting paid out can be futile even with some of the largest insurance operators.

6. Do not go it alone - You will almost certainly be at a disadvantage if you cannot speak Turkish.

If you have any interesting motoring stories, we would love to hear them!


Why is the fuel so expensive in Turkey? I thought it was really expensive in Spain, but in Turkey the prices are almost absurd!!! :huh: Taxes?

I fill my tank in Spain (Citroen Xsara) for about 35 Euros (less than 60.00 YTL, I think), and in Turkey a smaller Renault Clio was filled for 80.00 YTL... 25% more!!!! (or is it 33% more?) :eek:

If it were not so dangerous to drive a bicicle there!!!!! :doh:
Sorry, I just found that I complaint about the fuel price some time ago and you also told me about the taxes... :eek: My fish-sized memory...
sanmero said:
Sorry, I just found that I complaint about the fuel price some time ago and you also told me about the taxes... :eek: My fish-sized memory...
Ha ha goldfish have a memory of 7 seconds lol, you could scare the crap out of one and 7 seconds they've completely forgotten ha ha :D

Thanks for that Merlin, that was really useful for me :)