New Turkish Lira??

About a year ago I heard that they were going to get rid of the zeros in TL.
Is that true? When is it gonna be effective? I hope they do it soon. counting those zeros gives me a headache 8)
I also heard about this but so far I havent seen anything change...I think it will make it quite confusing as I am used to all the zeros and the colours of the notes...does anyone know if the colours will change or will they stay the same?

our actual currency is "milyon lira" and it'll just turn into "yeni lira"

and they are telling that it'll be same in boring colour to prevent people to confuse. also they'll release 50 YTL (50,000,000 TL) and 100 YTL too. also one million lira (1 YTL) will be a coin.

the money under 1 million lira will be Yeni Kurus (cent) which were using in turkey before 1980s years.
Come on guys... It shouldn't be so confusing. You'll be saying Lira instead of Million. there will be no differance.
For example; One bottle of cold EFES beer is arround Five Million Turkish Liras at the moment in bar street. It will be Five Liras then. Doesn't that sound to be more easier.
1 € = 1.8 NTL(New Turkish Lira). It will be arround 2 at that moment. It will be easier at the change offices and shoping. It's gonna be much more easier.
So keep cool guys :razz:
the difference is the ZEROS.. It really confuses me when I see bunch of zeros. For example I was mixing up 500,000 and 5 million.. With new turkish lira everything will be much easier :clap: :clap:
turkish lira

Who cares I will be spending millions anyway regardless of the currency and will enjoy myself very much in doing so. Only 2 and a half weeks to go and I cant wait.
Love to all

Sue from Dublin