No subject at all...

Just came up with an idea... As we all have something totally un-related with everything else we'd like to share, this might be an appropriate place 4 such a thing... U could never get off the subject, since there is no subject in the first place... :cool:


Mell, hun... 3000 posts!! That's the greatest number of posts since I met u! Congrats babes. :bigok: :bow:


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Hmm Okay I think I get the just talk about absolutely anything we want?.. (Even though I do that anyway :p)

Okay.... I took my 8th month old dog for a walk over the park this morning and he tried to hump another male dog. The lady said he is just going through puberty but ahhhhhh I think my dog's GAY!!!111

(doing this right or not?)
hmmmm something just weird to say is this lol?
well yesterday i was on an escalator in town and i bent down to tighten my shoes laces! but by doing this i accidently put my hand on the young man in fronts ass!! i was so embarrased but carried on with my lace thinking oh theres a possibility he may not have noticed! but he turned round and stared at me wen my head appeared again! and i quickly said oh im so sorry!! and he turned round again and said oh its ok i dont mind if u want to carry on feeling me up!!
i was mortified!!!! and plus he was good looking!!!

and congrats mella sooo proud of ya on the 3000th post!!! xxxx
Lol, merlin doncha think that says something?!Claires been here a year longer than u and u got the same amount of posts! POST WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(sorry....kinda pissed lol)
Like this one Smill...great thinking !! :)

I went out saterdaynight with my girlfriends and had a wonderfull time !!

And yesterday had NO hangover :) and worked in my garden it really is a great mess so have loads of work !!!

well i was up there too lol just remember hehe! mmmm cause this is just a normal random thread can i just ask everyone if they can please send me pics of themselves as im making a picture website and want u all on it as u are all my good friends! :D so u can send them me on msn or yahoo or through email or however if u only have yahoo please pm to tell me to get my booty on as i dont go on much !
Thanks guys i want to show u all to the world hehe xxx