Hubble Bubble Pipes


Black Knight
While the hubble pipe or hookah is very popular in many countrys,
I had not realised that a session is the equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes in one go, what a scary thought.
Just a thought if you are tempted on your travels !


Kusadasi Artist
I have to say, having tried the old Hookah on a few occasions and in a few different countries, I found the experience to have been far milder than smoking just one cigarette. Just goes to show doesn't it that you can't go on taste etc alone.


Staff member
Wow I didn't know that either. :huh:

I tried the hubble bubble pipe this Summer for the first time...I had the apple flavoured one, and hated it! (and I'm a smoker)


Kusadasi Artist
Try the cherry next time, its not four bad at all...............although, come to think of it, I haven't seen cherry here, I tried it in Morocco....