Bus from Antalya to Kusadasi

Hi there,
maybe i will find help here.I will go to turkey in the end of april (27th).We will arrive in antalya (we found a really cheap flightticket),but we want to go to kusadasi.We asked about busses,when they will go from antalya to kusadasi and what we have to pay.Now my question:
We will arrive in antalya at 7:40pm and i´m a little bit afraid,that we won´t find a bus then.Is it possible to go by bus on that time?What do we have to pay?And how many hours will we go?
I need help :)

The helpful, English-speaking staff headed by the owner, Mr Erdogan Demir (EHR-doh-ahn deh-MEER), can make reservations for you on your behalf.

Hope this helps!


I will get together an article on bus travel throughout Turkey, hopefully later today maybe tomorrow.