New speed traps in the UK (on topic)

This is apparently true!

Man was late for work one day and was tanking it along the motorway at about 80mph.

As he drove under a bridge he spotted a police car a bit too late and was zapped by a cop with a radar gun.

The police chase him and waved him down, here is the conversation that took place:

Policeman: "my, my, what's the hurry sonny?"

jim: "I was late for my work, so I had to speed"

Policeman: "what's so special about your work that you have to speed then?"

jim: "well I'm a rectum stretcher"

Policeman: "a what? you taking the piss sonny?"

jim: "no honest, what I do is I get one finger and insert it in the rectum, then two fingers, then three, finally the hands fits in. Once that's done I then fit in the other hand and stretch the rectum until it is 6 foot wide"

Policeman: "6 foot? what on earth do you do with a 6 foot arsehole?"

jim: "well, we give him a radar gun and sit him behind a bridge in a police car!"

Magistrate fine: £95
court costs: £45
look on policeman's face: priceless. :D


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i was reading that thinking ..Rectom stretcher.. NICE job!!

good ending .. I bet he was pleased to pay that fine!! :D