Change of name important!

In Olu-deniz, Fethiye, there is a little mens barber shop a few hundred yards from the beach.

He has loads of tourists always crowding his shopfront but never seems to be busy.

The tourists are busy clicking away on their cameras and he doesnt make any real money.

The name of his Barbers is "Ufuk Berber"

If only he sold postcards her would make a mint!
**claire** said:
ha ha ...i swear my parents have told me about that place!!!will have to find their photos & search for it!! :D
Another one in central fethiye "ufuk servis"

and electronics shop!

he he

Jenny said:
omg that is some funny sh1t! what does ufuk mean in Turkish, as for the d1cksh1t well i split my sides laughing here!
Jen, straight - its his name.

In Turkey a common girls name is sefuk, pronounced sherr - fuk

Imagine how that one would go down up the local in UK!