New Turkish Lira PICTURES

These are the new Turkish Lira Pictures ...I heard some smart people cheated tourists with old turkish lira without zeros ...Please be carefull



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Thank's Sonny. That's really helpful for us. It's nice to see what they look like, too..I haven't seen the new one's before.

Good job, schat.
no no till 2006 we use 2 kind of lira with zeros and without seros ...But the story is Long time ago like 10-15 years ago the turkish lira was without zeros but all the economic crisis made turkish lira a zero monster :)
So some people gave to tourists very old turkish lira without zero .....So except this pictures if you get something be carefull
Bohhh I hope you uderstood my poor english LoL


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SINEAD said:
are the old coins not in use anymore
Sinead, the old notes & coins can be used until the end of the year! (which can be connfusing, as sometimes they will give you old money as change for the new money:doh: )