End of the month I am going to kusadasi for the second time. In Istanbul as well as in Antalya, I went to the hamam, and I am hooked on the experienc. Who knows a hamam in Kusadasi for women? :wave: :wave: :wave: the emoticon doesn't show, but I wanted to wave a towel!


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i am seeing your emoticons...

There are several Turkish Baths here, you can choose a one ;)
But the best one in the Kusadasi downtown (historical hamam).
i can always recomend you KUSTUR BEACH HAMAM and you can go inside with your towel or with your bikini nudity is forbidded in this hamam.


I would like to go to hamman but I am a bit nervous about it.

Could someone explain what happens in them.

Also nearest (OK one) to Tusan Beach? (and cost - and what is included in that cost)
Yes there is one near tusan hotel ..its in kustur beach you can get there by walking in 5 minutes to the hamama from tusan hotel . its kind of like sauna but lots of steam dont know excatly the price but its should be too expensive but if you wanna massage thats extra so you have to pay.