Credit Cards in Turkey....

When you travel to Turkey, you can use your credit card to pay for most purchases but usually at a premium.

The most popular card is VISA, followed by MASTERCARD/EUROCARD. AMERICAN EXPRESS is not worth bringing as although many outlets advertise they will accept, invariably the extra charges outweigh its use.

If you've bargained for an item and you haven't mentioned that you'd be paying by credit card, the seller will most definitely add a credit card service fee 2% to 4% to the price you pay. So always check in advance the total price before the swipe!

Just like home, credit card fraud is widespread. You should check with your bank to ensure they will honour your charges, and don't stop payment on them in the belief that your card has been stolen and used illegally.

In other words, tell them in advance that you're going to Turkey so they're not surprised when charges show up from Kusadasi.
Admin said:
Thanks for the useful info Merlin
Admin, its happened so many times before. People travel to Turkey with a wad of plastic and then find they have to telephone UK and plead with the bank or credit card centre to "open" the card for use in Turkey.

This can have a significant impact if the tourist needs to rely on a credit card for payment in an emergency such as hospital treatment.

You will get no sympathy from a hospital and treatment would be witheld until payment is rendered.