Hello everyone! :)

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I will be taking my first trip to Turkey in a month and I can't wait. I really like this forum. :) I've been reading over the past few days and I've already learned alot about Turkey and I can't wait to learn more! :) Take care all and I hope to talk to you all later.


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Welocme Courtney!! :)

Nice to see another American member on here, we seem to be getting a few lately!!

Where are you visiting in Turkey?

I am sure you will enjoy it wherever you are visiting, it is such a beautiful country!!



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Welcome to the forums!!!!

Great to have you here, Courtney. Glad your learning lots from the forums and I hope you have a fantastic first holiday in Turkey. Although I'd bet you anything you will. Everyone does.

Take Care
Luv Mella

Courtney hey!

Welcome to the forums

Sorry I couldnt help with the translation but give me a bit of time ok!

Everyone is really nice here!

Have fun
Merlin- Thanks alot if you are working on that, I know its alot of work. I can send you the translation I did myself and if you could look it over for me that would be great!! I'm still learning Turkish though, so it is a really poor translation, but at least I tried. :)

Clair- We will be traveling to Ankara first to spend some time with my boyfriends family but I know that there are alot of other places that he wants to take me, so who knows where we will end up. :)
My boyfriend said that his family has a summer house in a popular city on the beach and we will be going there, but I don't remember the city name. I'll have to ask him, maybe it is Kusadasi. :)
Hey courtney!!!
Welcome to the forum, u'll have an amazing time in turkey, its a great place and u wont be able to stop yourself going back for more!!!!!
The admin told me I could send and receive PM. I guess everyone should be able, but I'm not sure. Maybe you could ask him if you could use the PM system on here? It's very useful for meeting and getting to know the members a bit better.