Happy Birthday Shaz

Hey chick!!! I see it's ur b-day today, so just wanted to CONGRATULATE U!!! I wish u all the best with ur life hun!

happy birthday

Happy Birthday Hun And I Thought You Were Only 12 Have A Fab Day Hun Text Ya Later Sorry I Couldnt Get Back To Ya Yesterday My Mam Wasnt Well

Go Doo Lally Today Hun


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Sharon, is it really your birthday????

I know your not 15!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe shes like the queen & gets 2 birthdays???

if it is ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


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Happy bdays Sharon.

instead of a http://iamtravelr.com/images/reputation/reputation_neg.gif i just put 2 nice http://iamtravelr.com/images/reputation/reputation_pos.gifhttp://iamtravelr.com/images/reputation/reputation_pos.gif to your reputation field.


Please take that as a bday gift ;)


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**claire** said:
Sharon, is it really your birthday????

Maybe shes like the queen & gets 2 birthdays???

if it is ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

*Inspector Carmella Holmes* Well on her other profile 'Sharon' it says;

September 15, 1980


Yes, Sharon is definately like the Queen and has 2 birthdays.....
Bloody Hell

Hey Its My Birthday Today And Tomorrow And The Day After That And The Day After That Etc

Hey Wheres Me Prezzies

Bok Bases

Strewth Shaz Ur A Nutcase
hi people
i feel old
know i am nearley hitting 30 , so i denine them , it is not my birthday , it is september the 15
and i am not 15
when it asked for my birthday , i just put one in , i dident know i'd get all this ,
i did no anout the thred till sue setn a b'day text , i lol at my desk and nearley p**sed myself
we will call this one shaz b'd for the forum
p.s umit i will understand if you take aay by b'day present of 2 green dots
love you all

Shaz Your A Complete Nutter Hope The Job Is Keeping You Busy Pet And Seriously Have A Look At The Diet Thing I Sent Ya It Really Does Work