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Well, this is what I was told by a Turk.

Most Turkish men go into the military at about 20 years old. The time of service is one year for a officer and six months for a soldier. Also there is some type of pay system which let's certain people reduce their time of service. The pay system; however, seems a bit complicated and most definitely not available to the average Turk.

Hope this was helpful to you. :)
thanks ppl
i always thought they had to be 21 an it was for 6 months only. i also heard the turkish government wa in the process of redusin this time to 3 months. but then sayin that it wudnt be worth goin in if jus for 3 months i suppose.
Tati, I don't think the military service is that short. My bf said exactly what Sonny said, 15 months at the age of 20 or if they have a degree then its 6 months as a solider or 12 months as an officer. Thats just what my guy says, we've been talking about it alot lately because he has yet to serve his military duty because he has been studying here in the US and he is trying to decide if he wants to continue with his studies or return to Turkey for military.
bout the jandarma

my fella has got to go in the army in 11 months when he turnes 20 and he has to do stay for 15 months!!!! most of them dont even know were there gona get placed and half of them get sent away to istanbul or iraQ!!! ITZ NOT FAIR :cry: 15 monthes wiv no sex!!!
My boyf is currently serving (sucks really bad, be prepared to spend a fortune on phonecalls!!!). It's 15 months, they do 3 months basic training at one base before being sent to another to finish their time. They get a day off every 2 weeks, there are restrictions on what they can bring in with them, college qualifications reduce time served, they get some time off after 6 months in their main base but this can be stored til the end to finish early if they want. At first glance that sounds good, but means they go almost a year without seeing their families! After the 3 month training they get about a week off before they report to their main base.
If I think of anything else I'll let you know!!!

My husband did 18 months service which was standard before they reduced it to 15 months. He spent the first 3 months in training camp in Malatya (awful) and then luckily got sent to Ankara as he could speak good English. Unfortunately, it's pot luck where you go, but the authorities can be bribed up to an extent. You can now buy yourself out of doing service and only do a month but it costs an awful lot of money and not many families can afford it. They do get leave though and if you plan it right you'll get to see your boyfriend during that time. I did and boy was it good!
Hello everyone:)
I was searching the net for some info about turkish military service and I've found this website:), it is also my first post in here.

My boy friend (we are engaged and gonna marry next year) will do military service in 2 days (he went over there exactly today:S). He is going to do this service for 6 months. I know very well what and how you feel, hopefully all will be fine and he will come back to me healthy.

Do you know something about 6 months period of military service? Are those all rules you texted are the same for this short time? As I know from him we will not be in touch at least for first month (he could not take with him his mobile) but we both hope he will have a chance to use it after one month. Do You know anything about this or no chance to use mobile for 6 months? What about spare time? Do soldiers serving army while 6 months have a chance to have some free time and use internet? Does anyone know something about Iskenderun as a military place for serving army? Is it easy and what conditions are over there?

ps. He will be a sailor:). Thank you for replies, with best regards...


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Hi Free Bird,

First of all - Congratulations on your engagement. :)

I know it sounds like a terrible thing that your fiance has gone off to the military, but I'm sure 6 months will fly by. He's doing his duty for his country and when it's over, you will have nothing getting in the way of a very happy future together. Also on the positive side - At least he doesn't have to serve 15 months, which must be really unbearable.

Also a sailor in the army is a really good/safe position, so that's good. :)

I met my guy after he'd completed his Military service, so I haven't been through this but from what I've read and heard from others...

He will get (leave) holiday at some point, although this depends on where he is stationed. Usually after 1 month/45 days (when the training ends) he will get 2 days holiday, but he is only allowed to stay in the city he is based in. So in this case, Iskenderun.

Whenever he does get free time, he'll be able to find an internet cafe and chat to you online. It's true they are not allowed to use their mobiles, it is forbidden and they can get into trouble if they do use them and get caught, but he'll be able to call you from a pay phone there's usually one in the building where they stay.

Don't worry about him, he'll be fine. Umit said when he was in the army he always felt very safe.

There's a good website here:

You might find it a supportive place, as there are lots of other girls in the same position as you and they'll be able to answer all your questions. :)
A very dear Turkish friend of mine did not go to the army until he was in his early 30's. He ended up posted in Istanbul and he wrote to me every day. He also went home 1 weekend a month to his home in Izmir.
He spent all of his 20's dreading it all but in the end he loved it and I could have gone to visit him in Istanbul when he was stationed there if I wanted to. So obviously it depends on a lot of variables.
At least, whether its 6 or 15 months. It will pass and once it is over, it is over.
Personally I think it would be a great thing for all countries to do the same thing. You can always tell someone who has done their service though and it wouldn't do the young ones here a bit of harm to have to do something for their country at least once in their lives.


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I know how he feels now, not so happy
but he will like army and always talk about it to you ;)

Congratulations and please dont worry about army, it is a nice stage :)
Thank you all for your support, it really means much to me. I know it is his duty and he owes this to his country (when I say "his country" he always corrects me into "our country" :). Yes it is also my country that I love so much and hope will live over there in very soon. Glad probably it would be easy for him as a sailor so that he will be safe and healthy. Thank you one more time:)

ps. Im sorry for my not good english...hope you could all understand me correct way. Was much better at university time but I forgot many usefull things but hope also this forum will help to improve my vocabulary and remaind all I have already forgotten:).