Pull the finger

I HAVE NO SOUND COS IM AT WORK.... IS IT A TRUMP? MY EX-BF USED TO ASK ME TO PULL HIS FINGER.... THEN HE WOULD BREAK WIND (polite). Wonder why that relationship didnt last,, uuummmmm!
Well, the sound effects sure can make you giggle :D
However, I agree with Shannon......I didn't understand the point of that exercise at all. :p LOL!!
Tequila, all I can say about that finger pull exercise is......hahahaha! LOL!!!! Your sooooooo silly (wink)

Hey, this terrible! My smiley icons don't work anymore.
I click them but nothing happens. I don't understand what's wrong. I didn't disable the smilies in text, so I should be able to use them, right? But I can't!

Oh, well (smile)