Fact Or Fiction

I was in london this week and had to use the underground loads!! I absolutely hated it!! There were too many people, it was very hot down there and the general cleanliness of the place was not too good in most of the stations! London is a great place but i really dont know how people can use this service on a daily basis, apart from anything else i kept getting lost :p
Only been 2 London once in my life and that was only Heathrow airport, on my way to Kusadasi!! I heard horrible reports about the underground too. I suppose you would get used to it though, when you have no choice but to use it everyday.


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The Tubes aren't so bad, once you have used them a few times, you get to know your way around.
& they are 100% more convenient than getting the bus (in my opinion)
All part of the London experience girls!! ;)
ewwwwwwww that is absolutely discusting rats and mice found!! i feel sick!!! iv never been on the underground and after reading that i think its clear that i never will! xxx

It Wouldnt Suprise Me If It Was True As Some Of The People Travelling On The Dublin Buses Leave An Awful Lot To Be Desired Never Mind The Seats