Can you Juggle??

omg i am so bad at this game you are going to have to find another aged 3 plus i might be able to do it better then :doh:
Ruth xx

I Am Bok At That But If I Had The Time I Know I Wud Be Better Cos I Have One On My Comp At Home Thats Quite Like It But For Now I Am S****

Do you get the feeling that alame and joox (highscore list) are very very bored people?!!!!!! I cant get passed 500 and they're on like 21474836! lol I reckon they must've been on it for days!!!!
its ok im the same i cant even catch them the first time!! lol they must have nothin better to do like!!! lol

im hopeless!! level three like i just about know what level one looks like! (lol)