St. Patricks Day

So who's in Kusadasi for this wonderful day??

I think we'll be in Regatta, i've heard there'll be a P-A-R-T-Y!!!!

So if anyone is around, please say hello... Would love to meet some of you.


Black Knight
I think many people will be confused this year as the church wants the celebrations to happen on the 15th of March or sometime in April to avoid Easter week.


The Kusadasi Tiger
we are in kus from 15th for a week and looking for the best place to celebrate st.pats,will have silly hats and been promised a leprechan suit
I'll keep an eye out for you Sas,

I'm over from 14th to 23rd, so might see you at some stage.
We're planning on going to Izmir for a couple of days too.


The Kusadasi Tiger
No Problem,my Ugly Mush Is On My Profile ,we Are Over With Sharons Brother Martin,from 15th To 22nd,makes A Change From Celebrating St.pats In Dublin Where We Have Spent It For The Last 5 Years
Yes we will be over as well. Also flying on 14th. No doubt we shall hear of anything going on when we arrive. Certainly counting down the days now.
well im going to paradise bar in kiligi ,,,
paddys night :D FREE IRISH STEW 7-9pm :D
anyone else going to paradise bar owned by cem?? xxx
Dia feliz de San Patricio from the Costa Blanca! Hope everyone has a great day. Huge buzz here around town, outdoor music and fireworks later on. No doubt Mr Magsfhy will drown several shamrocks before the day is over........

Last year´s celebrations in Denmark:p

Three-legged race participants drink green beer
at one of the six Irish pubs in Copenhagen.

In the Danish capital, Copenhagen, lime green leprechauns
drinking "green beer" were easy to spot. Those drinks look like either absinthe or
one of those wheat grass smoothies!
St Patricks Day

Happy St Patricks Day to all the Irish everwhere ! Especially those in Kus ! Have a good time tonight ! XXX Noreen and Bob from Olive Grove