hi going to turkey and i was wondering how much is the hamman what is it like and how much to tip whilst in there do they hurt/? while they bend you around or is it all nice thank yu in advance julie :wave: :) :D :D
kinda late for my reply, but better late than never, huh?
there's a super cool hammam in kusadasi, opened this year. it costed us 40 million each for the whole thing. it doesn't hurt, it's actually very pleasant and it included sauna, scrub, foam massage and oil massage.
i strongly recommend it, made my skin smoother than a baby's behind.
hope i could be of any help.

have a good one! :super:
actually it's somewhere near kusadasi, but they have transport service so they pick you up in kusadasi and take you back to kusadasi when you're done.
i dunno more about it, but when you decide to go, go to Sozlum Restaurant (it's between the harbor and pigeons' island) and ask for Murat. he's the owner. tell him you're a friend of daniela's and that you want to go to the hammam. he'll make all the arrangements. btw he's a very nice person and speaks good english.
sorry i couldn't be of more help. :(
enjoy your experience at the hammam! it's awesome! :wave: