Gifts for Turkish people?

I´m new here ....I´m from Holland and you can call me Annemiek. I´m a fan of Turkey....and I have a Turkish boyfriend there. We have been a couple for two years. I´m coming to Turkey next week and I´m going to meet his mother and father in Van. I´m not nervous because they already know much about me. :)
I have one question for anyone who has been in my position. What gift should I take to his family? As I have read people taking gift´s would be a good idea. I don´t want to go with nothing but I´m not sure on what they would like. I have an idea of bringing something´s from my own country to offer them. Is this a good idea?
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I think it's a great idea to take something from Holland, just don't take alcohol or anything like that, just in case. I find some nice chocolates always goes down a treat.

Have a nice holiday


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hai Annemiek
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I agree with Lor, chocolates would be a good a idea or stroopwafels (yummy!!)
Have a great holiday


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Haha Susan I brought Umit's mum and dad stroopwafels and they LOVED them.

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I also used to live in Holland and when I go back for holidays, I bring presents back for my fiance's family. I'm a really bad present buyer it has to be said! I have brought back Belgium chocolates, a calendar of Holland with lovely pictures of the windmills and tulips, perfume, gift boxes from Etos with smellys and other nice things in it... stuff like that.

I went to the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam and they have loads of really nice things, so have a look there.

They will appreciate the gesture, whatever you get and I think it's nice that you get something from the country you're from.

Have fun and good luck meeting the family!


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Stroopwafels are waffles made from two thin layers of baked batter with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. :yummy:



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Ah but the best thing to do with stroopwafels is to place them on top of your mug of tea/coffee so that the caramel starts to melt - but you have to be very careful that you don't leave them for too long else they go soggy! At teh market in IJsselstein you used to be able to buy a bag of stroopwafel pieces - yum yum but the best by far is the freshly made whole ones!
If the continental market comes to town have a look around as usually ther will be a Dutch stall and they will be making or selling them.
Starbucks have something vey similar although don't think they are big enough to go on top of the Starbucks mugs!!

Sorry to have gone on but they are one of my favourite Dutch food!!
gifts for turkish people

for woman chocolate ,not liquor or nescaffe coffee , for turkish men its either cigarettes ,or gensing capsules,a big thing nowadays for men ,so exspensive here.


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they sell the waffles in the UK in Aldi ... always pick up a pack to go with my coffee :)

any little gifts will be welcomed, i always took chocolates, british sweets, a tin of biscuits etc ..

for the children i always took over a selection of coluring books & pens ...
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to give something as a gift enhance affection and love,,

whatever u bring,, its lovely and worthy to them,,
if my darling take a stone from the land and give me as a gift,, its a diamond, pearl for me....



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Twix;155399 said:
Thank you all for helping me....I´m guess i will bring some stroopwaffels. They are also a favorite of mine.
Hi Twix,
Welcome to the forum and thanks for the reminder about stroopwaffels, one of the many things I miss about living in Holland.
Thank goodness we have Aldi's here now:woohoo:
Hi i´m now back to my home after a visit to Turkey to meet with my boyfriend´s parents. I took them many gift´s from my country and they appreciated them very much.