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martin;157584 said:
hi, has anyone done the day trip to samos and stayed overnight?im looking for a hotel recommendation on the island
Sorry Martin, cant give you advice, but welcome to the forum..:cool:
..last year we booked into the samos hotel just on the right as you come of the ferry we had to 4 hours to kill ,before the ferry left ,as we had done all we wanted to do and were knackered ,and just wanted a kip,you should have seen the looks we got from the hotel staff gave us,because we booked a room for a few hours.:doh:


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Hi Martin
We went overnight to Samos and it was great we stayed in Pythagorio its a nice small town on the coast with a nice marina which comes alive at night the bars and restaurants are reasonably priced and the food was very good.We stayed in a little pension 1 minute walk from the marina and it was reasonably priced and very clean,if you want details PM me.

There's a new fast ferry (45 minutes) to Samos starting tomorrow. They have a website, although currently it is only in Turkish, but I understand they are working on getting it in to English also: Departs Kusadasi every morning at 09:00, leaves Vathi at 20:10 on a weeknight to come back to Kusadasi. On weekends it departs Kusadasi also at 09:00 but departs from Pythagorian in Samos at 20:10 to come back to Kusadasi. Tel: 0256 614 4463 for more info
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Went straight to Kokkari from the port, cost about 15 Euro in a cab, beautiful hotel right on the front called the Poseidon, would recommend it any time, its such a pretty place View attachment 9160 View attachment 9161 View attachment 9162 Kokkari. View attachment 9156 View attachment 9156 View attachment 9157 View attachment 9158
Thank-you for the photos, looks beautiful and I want to visit! x