I've never been to turkey before - can i have some advice

I am going to Kusadasi in 6 days and 21 hours!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeee! :clap:

I've never been to turkey, is it true that the Turkish men are likely to hassle blondes a lot? I am blonde and am a bit worried that they will try and give my fiance a camel in exchange for me?

I would love any replies/advice about Kusadasi!

Re: I've never been to turkey before - can i have some advic

Have no doubt.. You will love it..
I suggest buying some jewelry and also fake major brand clothes.. And you should spend at least a day at the national park.. It is a wonderful place where the forrest and the beach come together..

And for the blondie concern, don't worry about it.. More you worry, less fun you will have.. so just enjoy your time in kusadasi..
I hope you dont think I am being rude but your statement is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. The Turkish people are the nicestpeople on the planet and they are extremely warm and friendly. I am also blonde and have been going to Kusadasi for the last 12 years and I can assure you that nothing of that sort happens there. Turkey is one of the safest resorts in the world in my opinion and I think your opinion would change once you go.

Thanks and enjoy your stay
Sure there will be boys who will want to go out with you. But if you say no, it stops. But don t worry, everything is going to be alright. Enjoy your time.