Where To Buy Jewellery in Kusadasi?

What are the best jewelers in Kusadasi? I want quality and good prices. I want to buy a diamond ring, should I shop around or can anyone advise me where to go from personal experience. I don't want to get ripped off.


The Kusadasi Tiger
its always best to shop around,i'm sure all of us have our favourites but with so many jewelers and choice of jewelry i think its better to spend time looking around and comparing quality and prices but don't forget to barter!!!


Kusadasi Artist
I agree with sas, we have our own special jeweler, but they may not be to your taste, shop around, there's not a lot to choose from regarding prices or quality (except down by the harbour).
please be carefull buying diamonds, some are passing mossanite off as diamonds, and unless you have both testers, you will never know the difference, also ask and check for to make sure the diamonds have not been treated, if they have they should be a lot cheaper


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I posted about this previously but can't find it.:doh:
Like everyone has said it would be very easy to give you the name of the jewellers we use, or friends who have jewellery shops. Buying jewellery is quite a personal experience so you need to feel comfortable with who you are buying it from. I'd suggest have a look around the many jewellers in town, see how much they hassle you, perhaps have an apple tea with a couple or even a few of them and just generally get to know them as people. By starting this sort of relationship, not only may you get a good deal but you may also have friends for life.
If you can't see what you are looking for in any of the jewellers, go to one of the ones you have developed a relationship with and it's 99.5% certain that if you have an idea or (like I normally have) a specific design in mind they will be able to make it for you.
My engagement ring was made by our friend and also our wedding rings. We wanted both wedding rings to be 18ct but our friend said it was pointless for Mark's to be that because of his job, and also it would be cheaper if his were 14ct, whereas mine had to be 18ct because that's what my engagement ring is. If we had just gone to anyone they would have immediately said no problem to having them both as 18ct because a) they would be more expensive and b) they wouldn't know about the practical aspects.

If you do find a jeweller you are thinking about, feel free to ask our advice on here, and I'm sure someone will have had experience of them.
I bought all my jewellery fron Memhet in Eternity jewellers beside the mosque and he's never ripped me or my friends off. Have a look anyway.
The price of gold is the same the world over, it's the mark up the jewellers put on it that makes it more expensive. The price of gold is quite high at the moment, Diamonds are very good value here, they are about a 3rd of the price than England, so check out some English web sites before coming so you have a good idea.
I don't wear gold, there is a silver shop opposite the belidya next to the turkish delight shop. The lady in there is really nice, I bought quite a lot of things and she gave me a discount. :)
thanks everyone i will do as you advise and shop around. Its the wife and my wedding anniversary in September so i have a bit of time to do some research before then. hope she doesnt read this ssshhh!
I'd go along with what others say in regard to shopping around but just wanted to add that we always use El Izi. they dont hassle, in fact you even see any of the staff outside the shop. Whenever we've been there any other customers have always been Turkish which for me says a lot. And there's no haggling wherever you come from, its one price for all, although we do a get a little discount nowadays, just a few lira but better than nothing. Overall no complaints
when i was looking for a diamond ring last year, i knew what colour, cut and clarity i wanted also what CWT. The first price i was offered was more than you'd pay in England, when they realised i knew what i was looking for AND was a resident, i was told i could have a 60% discount.
magsfhy;162576 said:
I bought all my jewellery fron Memhet in Eternity jewellers beside the mosque and he's never ripped me or my friends off. Have a look anyway.
that is were we buy all of our jewellery from , how long have you been going to mehmet for ?:) :p


Sweet Yorkshire Rose
My daughter and son in law have bought all their Jewelry from Masis.
There engagement ring, wedding rings which they had made and engraved on the inside with the wedding date.
Also a matching necklace and bracelet all in white gold, exceptional quality.
Every time she comes back she gets them all cleaned, for free.
I go to Ali at Topkapi they have been there for 15 years. Reasonable prices and they all speak perfect English. Ali will clean ALL your jewellery FREE of charge.