Lemon cologne

i saw some posts on this before but i cant find them now! what do you use lemon cologne for? i heard its a good way to keep mossies away and a good insect repellent but i also put it in my hair to make it go blonder in the sun!


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It's mainly used for freshening up. In the barbers men will be offered sme after a shave, if it is very hot you maybe offered it in shops to cool you down (I like the little spray bottles you can find for this), in places like Esenay you may be offered it after your meal


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i find it a must,its great to splash on or spray on and feel cool and refreshed,its great as claire said to wash hands and also it is effective against the mozzies


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Since experiencing some peer pressure from a certain person *COUGH* Claire *COUGH* I have actually started to use cologne, I even bought myself a spray bottle of the stuff. I haven't used it for mosqutio repellent, yet - but it's very refreshing and is good for your skin.

According to Umit it cleans and cures everything. Literally. There is nothing lemon cologne does not do, it has magical lemony powers!

In the Summer, put it in the fridge and then spray your feet it's lovely.
Last year we bought the lemon cologne -which i call lemon lotion- after a Turkish acquaintance suggested it to us and that works as well as any mosquito repellent. We often got given cologne at the end of a meal in a restaurant, for cleaning our hands although I saw many people wiping their face and other body parts too.
We have been rubbing it on our 2 dogs skin as they had afew bites and it worked a treat we use it for most things its good to keep in your home .:)
Is lemon cologne what they give you in the sachets at the end of a meal? We got given them all the time and they were really fresh and had a different feel to them, they washed and dried your hands really quickly. Much different to usual wet wipes.


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its is chelle ...

in Turkey they also sell it in bottles

(some look like the above pic .. but there are hundreds of brands)

they use it for various things, like cleaning the tables, etc .. soem restaurants will have someone standing at the dfoor as you leave & they will squirt a small amount into your hands, so you can freshen up before you leave.
Don't know if it repels mosquitoes, but sure can take the itch off a bite. As Arse about Fez says in his blog, can be used for just about any social event, just be careful where you place it!


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**claire**;163622 said:
**evil laugh**

My powers are finally working!! :D:p
Yeah you and Umit make a great team (of bullies) :p

It does actually work to clean though! I spilt some nail varnish and I was wondering the best way to remove it. Remembering Umit saying it cleans everything I thought i'd try it (to prove him wrong of course) well... it actually got the stain out. :huh:
i like the packets of lemon cologne wipes you get in restaurants after you have finished eating. i use it to clean my hands and my face to cool down in summer.
I spray it on my hands its really refreshing. Turks put it on their faces but i dont because im worried ill get dry skin because of the high level of alcohol in it?
i like the packets of lemon cologne wipes you get in restaurants after you have finished eating. i use it to clean my hands and my face to cool down in summer.
my handbag is full of these wet wipes, it's an ingenious idea they are very handy to have on you.