Is it safe to use credit or debit cards?

I am hearing horror stories about foreign bank or direct debit cards being cloned if they are used in Turkey.

Are there any particular cash points that you use that are safe? or any tips on how to avoid finding myself in a position where I have been had. I know it happens everywhere but when in a foreign country it makes it that much harder to sort out the mess.


Kusadasi Pilgrim
I regularly use my debit card to with draw money from ATMs in the centrum and have never had any problems. Interestingly when we were in Canada last week I could draw money out with my debit card but Mark couldn't. When he got home and phoned the bank - because they didn't know he was going as soon as he tried to take money out over there they cancelled his card as they have had a lot of fraud problems in Canada. Best thing to do is to let your bank know that you will be using the card abroad and let them know when you are back. If you do use your debit card keep an eye on your charges - think it is normally around £2 to take money out - believe Nationwide is the only one who doesn't charge.
As far as credit cards are concerned - I have used them before and never had problems - again if you are worried I'd let them know you are going to be away and phone them when you get back. If you are going to use your credit card to buy things like jewellery, leather then you will end up paying more than if you were using cash or debit as the shops get charged by their banks for credit card transactions so will pass the extra cost onto you.


Kusadasi Kiwi
Susanteyze is correct. Let your bank know where you are going - and take the usual precautions you would at home. Im still having problems with one of my cards from a visit to the UK 4 years ago - even though its been cancelled more than once!!!

Relax - your holiday will be fabulous. Half of what you are hearing and worrying about is literally "heresay" from others. Once you get there you will realise you have been worrying unnecessarily