Dust Moving In

Steve B

According to the State Meteorlogical Service, besides the rain in the north and central Anatolia on Tuesday, we will get the dust from storms from the Saharan desert again. Rember last month with a couple of days with wierd sunsets, very brown sky. Here is what they say, "The rain is expected to move to the eastern Black Sea and eastern Anatolia regions on Tuesday while the Saharan winds, bringing dust from Africa's deserts, will begin to affect Turkey starting on May 28, increasing temperatures to above 30 degrees on Thursday and Friday." Not good days to hang laundry outside, but on the upside, maybe some spectacular sunset photos.


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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the information! I was in Kusadasi last year when it happened. We had just come out of the hamam, all fresh and clean, and within 5 minutes we were covered in mud...it was such a bizarre experience and I've never seen the sky such a yellow colour before!


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Hope the dust has moved on by Sunday, we have friends who are on a cruise and its their first time to Kusadasi, we are hoping to show them around, but covered in mud???? Not so good.


Glaswegian Güzeli
I remember it well last year, the balconies etc were all orange... it was very strange... and took ages to wash it all off...

the sunsets were lovely though...

and very soon our webcam will be launched, so look for the thread (havent posted the details yet) and I can focus it on the sunsets...;)