i love Kusadasi

I came to Kusadasi last year for the first time and I really enjoyed my holiday. i think Kusadasi is a one of the best town in Europe.

hi every one just a line to say that usually we love going to the market to get the atmosphere and also good bargains especially towels we dont take any buy them there also other thing like fake make clothes majik boxes i have a few of them :) what day is the market in kusadasi how many are there and which are the best and what is the place called area julie :D :) :?:
I went to kusadasi for the first time six years ago for 3 months....pfffff...it was love at first site...btw...I never got over it! I still get chills up and down my spine when I think that I will be going back to kusadasi in June ...YIPPY!!! I'm gonna fall in love all over again :oops:
Hi...I also heard that there was a Tuesday Market..selling only fruit and vegetables...no clothes and it was in a different location from the Friday Market...Is this true?
Yes Tuesday market is not too far away from Ladies beach, but u gotta get up a big hill before reaching it.
But it's mostely fruits, vegetables and chicken u can buy there, If u go to the friday market near the Dolmus Station, u will find a lot of clothes, bags, fruits, vegetables ect and it's more bigger. I prefrer friday market

8) Take care everybody

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There are 2 big waterparks a little outside kusadasi.. Adaland and aqua fantasie i think they are called ;) I've never been there before, but heard they are really good!
I will try too go there this time

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aww rite :)
cant wait to go there also!! :D
i love going to aqua parks!! lol :wave:

im not really sure wat beaches, bars and all are near me :|

...i think ladies beach is near me, :roll: wat is that like?? ;)
Well i love ladies beach, it's the best beach im my opinion but it's always crowded especially in the weekends. U have too pay for the sun beds and parasol if u want that, but there are also a area where u can lay with your towel.
Where are u staying at?
Heard there was some nice bars on ladies beach, but i've never been there, im sure some of the other members can answer that question!
I always go too bar st when i go out.
Some good bars are: Shamrock, Paradise, Kitty's jimmy's Kusadasi bar and paddy's (the two firsts are my favorits :razz: )
Take care

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i am staying in a villia over in kusadasi ;)

.. yeah thats were i will probly be most of my time at nite - bar street, my friends were saying its really good! 8)

oh right !! i will try out all the beaches and see which 1 is the best so i can stay at most of my time at when i am there. :)

what age groups are the bars for? :|

is there any just for ages 18 - 25 around?? ;)

istead of old people aswell, or is all different age groups in every bar? lol :|
It's all ages in barstreet, but i dont think there are too many old people! most of them are around 16-35 if i should take a wild guess :roll: But the old people i've seen on bar st have more energy then me sometimes, so they are a great laugh :wave:
But It's mostely kaleci bars that older people go too!

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irish_girl_03 said:
thanks! :cheesy:
looks like ive no coupens - my printer doesnt work! lol
ah well.. il still be going to the water :wave:
it looks good ! :wave: :razz:
You dont need to have a printer. Just save come here and call the phone and reserve your visit to AquaPark.
Over 35 - Old?

:cry: :shock: I am sad that you see over 35's as Old!!

:razz: We like to have fun as well-

8) Every one has fun in Kusadasi

be there soon