Jade Beach Club, Kusadasi


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Jade Beach club, which opened in the Summer of 2004, lays on approx 20.000 m2 area in the Snake Island region of Kusadasi. A visit to the stylish Jade is a perfect way to spend a lazy day or a fun night out.

Set in beautiful grass gardens with hammocks, sun beds and cushions scattered around make your time at Jade a relaxing one. They have many facilities, such as trampolines, basketball court, water sports, beach volley, children's playground, bar, cafe & restaurant (La costa) and a concert area.

This season (2008) several popular singers will do concerts at the beach club, including big names such as: Kenan Doğulu, Serdar Ortaç, Ferhat Göçer, Hande Yener, Demet Akalın and Kutsi.

The 2009 season will see artists such as Serdar Ortaç, Sezen Aksu, Volkan Konak, Funda Arar, David Vandetta, Manga and Murat Dalkılıç perform!

There will also be Turkish and foreigner DJs spinning several parties this Summer.

Here are a few pictures we took...

mella is jade really busy fri,sat,and sun or just saturday in july?

i was there last jusy on asaturday and it was really busy dont remember much about it except that it was amazing
I have to say from the last time i went i wasn't impressed at all..

Firstly its just below our home and the noise at 4am is horrific.. We have to keep the air conditionining on to try and drown out the beat..

When we did go though the entrance fee was 20 lira.. Once inside it was fully of turkish students who were dressed in ripped jeans and t-shirts.. Then the bosses had reserved all of the seating area for their cronies with a couple of puffs free which were sodden because of the proximity to the water (infact everything was damp)..

The drinks were also 20 lira for a bottle of beer which we thought was extortionate.. Hubby wasn't pleased that we had to pay so much and then looked at like second classs citizens to the bosses mates who were getting treated like royalty. He then went to speak to one of the managers to ask for a refund because the atmosphere wasn't good and we felt completely out of place with all the student types and that we couldn't even sit down when the seats were empty when we arrived..

We got a refund and ended up going to Bar Street.. Got the drunkest we have ever gotten in our entire lives that was 3 years ago and never drunk a drop of alcohol since..

See what happened because of Jade!! ha ha..

Anyway that was my experience! Its beautiful to look at though at night from the road..

Im going there this year its a must! i have heard so much about it and it sounds much better than a night on bar street which im getting more bored with each time. 20 lira entrance sounds expensive is it cheaper during the weekdays?
alice iam not sure if its busy during the week but at weekends the 20 lira cover charge wont seem expensive once your in there its really is amazing..i am going to try and get there a bit more sober next time so i can remember a bit more about the place lol
Jade is one, if not the best place for a night out in Kusadasi. At the weekends it's full of Turkish people, the kind you don't find in the Irish bars in town, it brings abit of class to the place. Drinks can be expensive but its worth it for a night out at Jade, they have famous Turkish and foreign djs playing sets there and last year they had concerts with well known Turkish singers like Kenan Doğulu and Serdar Ortaç, there is a brilliant atmosphere!
we were in jade beach club during the day last august a few times and we loved it.
it is very nively done up and it was so relaxing just to chill there all day.

the only annoying thing we found was that they did not seem to have efes beer. it just seemed to be the imported beer they had which was a drawback.

can anyone tell me if they usually have efes or do they not sell efes at all?


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Cherrycoke, yes Saturday's a good night to go, it can be very busy.

Jade is great, and highly recommended for a night out. If you're in Kusadasi have a look around the town for posters advertising concerts as they are usually held at Jade or one of the other beach clubs.
Jade looks ace! we went to Miracle but this year we have planned to go Jade, it won't be far from our hotel so we can crawl back.
Jade is beautiful like at night its stunning. We went to see a Kenan Dogulu concert there last year it was one of the best nights ive ever had in Kusadasi, fantastic!!!
About jade beach club

2009 jade beach club priceses

day time for the beach from mon...to friday 15 tl inc one soft drink weekend is 20 tl inc one soft drink...

Club is from sunday night to thursday night is free (if there is a no event)

27th of july 2009 David Vandetta is playing at night.Entrance fee is 40 tl and you get 1 local drink