Kusadasi To Samos Day Trip

Greece for the day, is it worth it? I have never had the pleasure of going to greece and thought it might be quite an adventure to get the boat over the sea to samos. is it worth going for 1 day or would we just be losing time off our holiday? we are coming to kusadasi for 4 weeks so could possibly make a weekend out of it if it is worth it.
Went once, not enough time to really do anything especially during the summer when they close for siesta. We were a bit dissappointed , not worth the effort
Thanks Moll. I was thinking we could go for a long weekend and hire a car so we can travel around and not be restricted. I have had a look at websites about Samos and it looks like a very nice island that is worth exploring if you have the time.
There are posts on this forum written by members who have gone and stayed and hired a car.
Use the box on the top right hand side to find or someone on here will direct you. Hopefully.
Day trips are for visa renewals and shopping. That's all you'll get out of it in the time you are there. The best thing about the place is the pork and the Mythos beer:). One day I may do a tour, but too much to do around here for that just yet.
There is a new very fast ferry started this week. "Katerina" bookable through Barel Travel. It's fantastic. We went across yesterday. She leaves at 9 in the morning, takes just 50 minutes to get to Vathy. Returns at 8:10 in the evening, (you need to be at the port at 7:30). It arrives at Kusadasi port at 9 pm. This gives a much better day in Samos, with plenty of time. I went on the original ferry a couple of years ago, and barely had time to do anything. I normally get very ill on the sea, but as the Katerina is so fast, she cuts through the waves, I didn't even feel sick once!! A great relief, because sea sickness always spoils my journeys.
The office is in Kibris Cadessi in the Grand Bazaar opposite the port. Behind the big taxi rank.Enter Kibris Cadessi, after just a few metres, you will see their sign on the right corner, they up upstairs on the left (above the jeweler on the corner). I found them on Tripadvisor. I can give you their phone number, but I think it wmay be redacted. I don't think it's allowed - is it? You can telephone them. I found their number on the Internet. Google Barel Travel Kusadasi. His name is Orcun. It's far better than the old trip. I can strongly recommend it.
very nice review and attached photos are wonderful, I'm flying to Kussadasi next week end , i might also plan a day visit to Samos.