Global Warming - Should we worry?


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I have watched a movie "The Day After Tomorrow" and i strongly suggest to everyone. The movie is just about Global Warming and there are lots of realities in that movie.

What is Global Warming?
An increase in the average temperature of the Earth's surface, which occurs following an increase in greenhouse gases. :
Should we worry about global warming?

This is the best time to worry about global warming, because there’s no longer any doubt in the scientific community that it’s happening, but if we act now, we can still avoid its worst consequences.

Global temperatures have increased by 1°F over the past 100 years. Although this may seem like a small change, it is enough to harm important ecosystems, change rainfall patterns and raise the sea level. Climate models project additional warming of about 2-10° F over the next 100 years. The overwhelming consensus of scientists who study the atmosphere is that this warming is caused primarily by the build-up of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere, mostly from the burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil. :
For Europe (and North America) we have many more hotspots than for some other regions of the world, although impact studies have been emerging in larger numbers in recent years from previously under-studied regions. This higher density of early warning signs in Europe is due in part to the fact that these regions have more readily accessible climatic data and more comprehensive programs to monitor and study environmental change, in part to the disproportionate warming that has been observed over the mid-to-high-latitude continents compared to other regions during the last century, and in part to emphasize the importance of the industrialized countries of Europe taking strong action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
A Speech :
I believe that to get this revolution going, four major forces must be brought to bear. The first is technology - or, more accurately, a vast array of new technologies: new fuels, new engines, new industrial processes, and new ways to generate electricity. The second major force is the marketplace, because only the marketplace can mobilize the investment, the productive capacity, and the ingenuity that will be needed. But the market will deliver only if it perceives a demand. And for that we must bring to bear a third force - the force of government. Government must signal the market that the time to start investing is now. It must set clear, enforceable goals, and it must provide sensible rules giving companies the flexibility to meet those goals as cost-effectively possible. And government will do that when the fourth and most critical force is brought to bear - the force of public opinion. That, I believe, is only a matter of time.

Union of Concerned Scientists
Global warming is real and underway

The mainstream scientific consensus on global warming is becoming clearer every day: changes in our climate are real and they are underway. Now. But we can do something about it.

Causing serious disruptions to our environment and lives . . .
As the Earth continues to warm, there is a growing risk that the climate will change in ways that will seriously disrupt our lives. While on average the globe will get warmer and receive more precipitation, individual regions will experience different climatic changes and environmental impacts. Among the most severe consequences of global warming are:

* a faster rise in sea level,

* more heat waves and droughts, resulting in more and more conflicts for water resources;

* more extreme weather events, producing floods and property destruction; and

* a greater potential for heat-related illnesses and deaths as well as the wider spread of infectious diseases carried by insects and rodents into areas previously free from them.

If climatic trends continue unabated, global warming will threaten our health, our cities, our farms and forests, beaches and wetlands, and other natural habitats.

Be part of the solution

Clearly, global warming is a huge problem. It will take everyone -- governments, industry, communities and individuals working together to make a real difference.

At UCS, we’re working to bring sound scientific information to policymakers and the public to educate them about global warming, its impacts, and about available practical solutions. We’re raising awareness of the need for action and working to create Congressional support for sound solutions.

But we don’t stop there. We’re also advocating policies that will combat global warming over the long term. Things like clean cars that run on alternative fuels, environmentally responsible renewable energy technologies, and stopping the clear-cutting of valuable forests.

These are solutions that will help to reduce global warming, and you can be part of them.

So, what do you think about Global Warming and the Future? What should we do? This is our world and we must keep clean for our children...
Chico Mendez

Umit said:
I have watched a movie "The Day After Tomorrow" and i strongly suggest to everyone. The movie is just about Global Warming and there are lots of realities in that movie.

So, what do you think about Global Warming and the Future? What should we do? This is our world and we must keep clean for our children...

I saw this movie too!Umit this is a really interesting topic, thanks for bringing your post to my attention. When i was in school i did quite a bit of research into the effects of Global Warming and it is very scary indeed!

Firstly id like to start by saying that Ireland and England had a heat wave this summer!! It was great, the hottest temperatures we have had in a long long time!

However, due to global warming it is said that in 30 years time this heat wave will be a normal summer in Ireland and England (and we are, by nature due to our position on the Equator and Ireland being the most westerly outpost of Europe on the Atlantic Ocean, COLD countries).

In 60 years, the heat wave of this year will be a cold summer for Ireland and England! I think that says it all! And if that is the path for western Europe, imagine how hot Turkey will be!!! Too hot to step outside!

So now i have a little story to tell you, a true story about the effect of global warming and the actions that are leading to it! Things we allow to happen which are making it worse and worse and worse:

When i think about great people in the Worlds History, one name that always comes to mind is that of Chico Mendez. Born in Cachoeira, Chico Mendez of Brazil, South America was an internationally recognised defender of the great Amazon Forests!
The great Amazon Forests and River run through South America...a natural breeding ground for cattle and so the wealthy cattle farmers and companies began to destroy the rainforests.

For the cattle ranchers and mining interests in Brazil, "sustainable agriculture" impedes profit-making. Much money can be made by tearing down the forest as fast as possible and replacing it with pasture land and strip mines. What the ranchers and miners leave behind is a shattered wasteland, a ruined desert where once stood a forest more than 180 million years old.

Mendes fought courageously to oppose the destructive practices of such large companies and individuals. He advocated a return to sustainable agricultural systems and urged his fellow Brazilians to nonviolent protest against corporations that would rob them of their livelihoods.He was jailed, fined and threatened, but nothing could deter him from his mission to save his beloved jungle. When, in 1988, a rancher named Alves de Silva ordered Mendes killed, the power of his grassroots movement only increased.

Shortly before his tragic death, Chico Mendez travelled to Miami, Florida to the International Bank Convention in the hope of bringing the struggle of his people to the World. To have the World recognise the damage being done and the powers that be, do something about it! Of course he was listened to...but nothing was done!

When he returned, the people of Cachoeira were under constant attack for trying to stop the cutting down and burnings of the great rain forests. Of course some of them were ruthlesly murdered and eventually the publicity internationally became so bad for Brazil that the Deputy Governor met with Mendez and worked out a deal.

He declared that the land will be held in trust for all the people of the Amazon and that it belongs to each person who makes a living on it.

Less than a year later, Chico Mendez was assasinated in his home by a cattle farmer and his son.

Burning and cutting in Western Amazonia was temporarily halted after his death.

The outcry following Chico Mendes' murder was deafening. It marked a turning point in the fight to save the Amazon. A human face could be connected to the cause: money and support from all over the world poured in to help complete Mendes' work. The plight of the Seringueiro has become an international, cause célèbre and many far reaching reforms have been inacted since his death to insure the future of this eco-friendly industry.

Chico Mendes is not just a hero of the Amazon, he is a hero of the entire planet. The burning of the Amazon is a burning that impacts every forest and city and village on Earth. The fires that Chico Mendes fought to put out threatened more than just a few strange and exotic locations thousands of miles away.

On a planet where the giant chain of life stretches from continent to continent, the flames of their endless burning continue to lick at the very edges of our own homes and backyards.

On March 12th 1990, the Brazilian Government decreed that the 2.5 million acres around Cachoeira would be protected forever by law from all cutting and burning.
It is called the 'Chico Mendez Reserve'.
Now the point of this story is as follows:

Chico Mendez was not only a defender of the Amazon Forests but also a voice for the effects of the cutting and burning of them on Global Warming. The facts of the damage done speak for themselves and these are but a very brief few.

1 - At the peak of the burning of the Amazon Raiforests, the Amazon was covered by a smoke cloud the size of India.

2 - 70 % of plants identified as having cancer fighting properties are found in the rainforests.

3 - The burning of the Forests in Brazil is expected to raise the global thermostat 3-8 degrees. This greenhouse effect could lead to the melting of the polar ice-cap and the flooding of all the World's major coastal cities.

4 - Rainforests are the most biologically diverse places on this planet: they cover only two percent of the Earth's surface, or six percent of its land mass, yet they house over half the plant and animal species on Earth. The National Academy of Science estimates that rainforests are being destroyed at the rate of 50 million acres (the size of England, Scotland and Wales combined) per year. Consequently, saving these precious areas has become an urgent environmental cause. People from all walks of life have selflessly given their time and money to help fund projects that teach people how to use the resources the rainforests have to offer without destroying them in the process.

One person, however, made the supreme sacrifice for this worthy cause. His name was Chico Mendes, and on December 22, 1988, he was killed while trying to save his beloved Amazon from destruction.

There are many more and for further research have a look at the following:
No probs Umit, this stuff really interests me, i hope other people join in the discussion! Its a heavy topic i know but really important!