12 weeks in kusadasi

Hi everyone, i haven't been on the site for a while. I have just got back from 12 weeks in Kusadasi. They should provide anti depressants on the plane journey home because im so upset to be back in England. This is the worst case of holiday blues i have got before, and now i have to wait a year to go back, the thought makes me want to cry lol! :-(
On the brighter side we had a great time, i got to spend some quality time with my boyf and the weather was very hot the whole time we were there. We tried new places, met new people and i finally dragged my family away from Ladies beach on a couple of occasions so we got to try places in the center. At least i have this website to post on that will make the year go quicker until i can go back to my home. :)
Hi Jess

I can understand your feelings, today my husband is insisting on winding me up on how I am going to cope when we come home on 31st August, we don't get there until Thursday.

I think he should just keep sending me the money and I could stay there:woohoo:
I came back from a 2 week holiday there on the 14th july & I still havnt got over being back in England!:( lol Iv been depressed ever since!

Its an Amazing place but Iv got to wait 2 years now before I can go back!!:(
cant wait till next year we were due to come first two weeks of august but mix up at husbands work could not make it my daughter had to go to salou to see her freind who is a rep out their so went for a week what a horrible place smelly bins crowds of people rather have turkey any day