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Kusadasi guy gave me a name of a Turkish rock club in Long beach. Would anyone know of one in the centrum or a venue that has live turkish bands playing regularly. We want to do something different this year and would really appreciate the info. :razz: Also if anyone could recommend a mosquito repellent. What do the turkish use as I am allergic to them.Sorry not the turks the mosquito's(sorry guys) Do you use a natural remedy I really dont care what it is as long as it works. I have tried the strongest Dr Bens one and all the usual thing so if anyone can come up with something you will be my friend for life. What I need is something to stop me getting bitten unfortunately its too late after the fact.

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You can buy mosquito repellents in pharmacies - and also you can try incense with natural parfumes.

But firstly, try to find your mosquito repellent in pharmacy.
and turkish rock/metal bands are mostly in istanbul. in kusadasi, i guess there are mostly disco/house stuff for you european tourists.

there was 3 rock festivals in istanbul in this month

rockthenations: a kind of metal fest, bands like orphaned land, amon amarth, epica, katatonia etc. (about 30 bands) perfomed and i was there : ) www.rockthenations.net

rock istanbul: was a boring fest for me and i didn't go there at all, it was on a beach in istanbul named kilyos. (http://www.rockistanbul.com/). there were mostly turkish rock bands/singers. some bands played there: Faithless, Queensrÿche, Anathema, Evergrey Starsailor, Hundred Reasons, Mono RYKODISC, Teoman, Mezarkabul etc...

rock 'n coke: it is more like a pop festival and you can find stuff about it on http://www.rockncoke.com/

also next month, here'll be another concert of a swedish band Therion in istanbul.

btw, try to check this thread: http://www.kusadasi.biz/forum/viewtopic.php?p=819
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Thanks Cemeesti for the info but I will be in only Kusadasi and not Istanbul although I may go in October. I am determined to find a rock band in Kusadasi even if I have to get my friends over there to set one up .

Thanks again and if anyone out there has any more info please let me know

Sue From Dublin
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Hi Cemeesti,
Ozur dilerim arkadas. YOUR ENGLISH IS NOT LAME i AM JUST A DUMB BLONDE. Thanks for that thread I printed it off and again sorry for the stupidity of my silly self Allah Yardim Et.

Thanks a lot

Goruzmek uzere arkadas
hehe i love blondes :) also as i see, you have already memorized some turkish words well, seems you will able to speak it in a short time.

and i appreciated you because you are very selfcriticized but, please, don't be cruel to yourself.
Ok guys... I have checked many bars wich are called rock bars in Kusadasi. But none of them play Turkish rock except a few bars which are not explored yet. Pandora was my favorite. They really know this music. It's also cheap if you compare to the bar street. 1 large bottle of Cold Efes beer is 3.500.000 (3.5 NTL) :D 2€.
There is a beach club at the long beach called PA$A. they play Turkish.
An other place in long beach is Ye$il Sofra. There are two guys who play the guitar and sing in Turkish.
There is a small bar just behind the Tansas shopping center in the Kusadasi Centrum which play Turkish rock as well.
Captain's House is also a choise for live music but they play pop mostly.

Any way... I'll keep on searching for new ones.
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Hey you guys are the best cemeesti and viva kusadasi you are soooo coool . Cok Cok Cok Tessekur ederim arkadas. Hey Cemeesti are you male or female and vivakusadasi i hope i am right in saying your male . Any way guys keep checking out these bars for me so when I get over there on the 1st of August I can get rockin Allah Yardim et.

Talk to you soon

Take care


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Hi sue
A good Mosquito repelant to try is AVON's skin so soft range, they do a dry oil spray (woodland sent) which keeps the little monsters away!! the army, marines, sas etc use this as there repelant when they go out to the jungle.
I have used it for years & it works a treat!! very cheap to!!
Claire :cheesy:
claire and cemeesti

Hey Cemeesti you are definitely a guy and a good lookin guy at that. So thanks for clearing that uo . Claire thanks for that I really appreciate it anything to stop the f***ers getting at me. Hey Cemeesti will you be in Kusadasi in August cos we are holding a Mr Kusdasi Competition for the laugh and we are trying to get contestants You would be more than welcome.

Talk to you soon birtanem/arkadas



Hey vivakusadasi i dont think anyone could be afraid of you your sooooo nice and friendly. Thanks for the info and all your help see you in the limon bar my friend hope to see ya all soon . Viva kusadasi go on we all want a look at ya

i would like to join your competition too, but it seems like a bit hard for me.

i have ony one week vocation for this year and i will use only two or three days of it in kusadasi and it'll be after that sunday.

Btw, yea we'd like to see viva, but we'd like to see you too :)
mr kusadasi

Sorry I dont have a digital camera wish I could send a photo but Mr Vivakusadasi come on show yourself I am waiting with anticipation.

Any more info on the rock bars cos I am bringing all the info with me on hols and only 2 and a half weeks to go yipeee

Talk to you all soon


You are sooooo lucky to be in Kusadasi in 3 days I wish I was there right now but I know Istanbul is also a fabulous city and a beautiful one at that. I hope to go there in October if I can get the money together.

Gorusmek uzere insallah


Wow page 3 material,

You definitely have to enter the Mr Kusadasi competition it will be great fun. The second photo is the best and you all are very good looking and we are looking forward to seeing you all in the Limon Bar on August the 2nd.

Talk to you soon