weather in October

Could any one please tel me what the weather is like in the beginning of October? I am going on the 3rd october for a week and have heard that it rains alot bus was hoping for some :frown:
Nicola xxxx

I was there last year at the end of sept and the weather was lovely .

One of the guys should be able to tell you more about the weather in october.

Sept/ Oct is prob the best time to go as it is nearly end of season and you will get really good bargains on your bags!!! :lol:



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Yep, october is very nice month for Kusadasi, weather is still warm (but little bit breeze) - you can still swim... Streets are not too crowded and you can freely discover everything about Kusadasi.
October is the best month of the year for Kusadasi. It is warm enough to explore places. You can go any where without fainting. It's not like how it is now which we are nearly melting. My birth date is also in october which means you can still party at that month of the year. :wave:

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Hi there I was in Kusadai twice last year both in August and October. There is a huge difference in the temperature but it is still very warm during the day. I went both times the first two weeks in October and what I did find was that it got very cold at night time. Dont get me wrong its way warmer than Dublin but you will need some slighly warmer clothes at night . Also if you are staying in a hotel with a pool because the water does not heat up as much it can be quite cold so the pools in the hotels wont be as inviting. Other than this it is a great time to go on some of the tours that you wouldnt go on normally because of the intense heat and shopping is easier too and more comfertable.

Enjoy your stay
Sue from Dublin

Ok thank you for that! Im staying at the aqua fantasy resort tho so would like to use pools, slides etc... will i still be able to do that or will it be to cool? :cry: Hope it isnt looking forward to it soooo much and every one sounds friendly :D

Nicola xxxxx


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Hi Nicola
Yes you will still be able to use the swimming pools, october is very pleasant, you will just have to hold your breath when you first get into the pools!! :cheesy: October last year was very nice, when i was there we had 1 day of rain, but the rest of the week was beautiful (& ALOT nicer than here in England!!!)
october weather

Hi Nicola,

It really doesn't matter whaen you go the craic is 90 and you will have a ball and the weather is a 100 times better than England or Ireland. Enjoy yourself honey