Flying to & from Turkey


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Been reading a few other sites & a lot of people are complaining about the prices at the Turkish Airports!

The two main airports for Kusadasi, are Izmir & Bodrum!

Both of the airports have snack bars for you to get something to eat & drink before you fly home .... just a word of warning tho ..the prices at the snack bars are unbelivably expensive.

one of the articles i read stated that someone had paid 10YTL for a small bottle of Efes (about £4.50) and 5YTL for a small bottle of water.

food is just as expensive, with some people claiming to pay around £25 for sandwiches & soft drinks for 2 adults & 2 children!

may be worth anyone on late flights asking a local restaurant that you have used during your holiday to make you up a packed meal, stock up on soft drinks etc before you leave Kusadasi! ..will save you a fortune!!! :)
We have just got back from Kusadasi and came through Bodrum.. Yes it is expensive!!
I think it is more expensive than any other airport I have come across when I have been travelling.
I got 3 small (bite size) bars of choc and 3 small bottles of water and it came to almost £14..
somebody I met at the airport was charged £5 for a can of coke.

I really don't understand why we have to be so over charged for things while we are waiting to leave after having such a fantastic time in Turkey..


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Ive heard lots of nightmare storys about Bodrum airport! Think i experienced most of them when i was delayed for 14 hours 2 years ago:doh:

it is the smokiest & most crowded place i have ever experienced!

Maybe if all the tourists stop buying items from the snack bars they will learn their lesson & bring the prices down! I think anyone whos been to turkey previously has learnt their lesson & will always buy food & drink before they leave the resort!