Prices in Turkey

i have read many things that turkey is sooooo cheap? Just want to know how cheap, how much are handbags etc... also how much is wine, beer ?
nicola xxxx
Hi Nicola

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The prices are great in turkey very cheap compared to the uk and ireland. You get your bags for roughly about 10 -20 euro depending on the quality..

The prices to eat out are great too and drink is also cheaper. I love going to turkey as you get really good value for your money.

Also loads to do and places to go and see. The people are so nice you will love it over there.
turkey is cheaper for you irish people than for we turks.

also i remember that there was a place in a diffrent place in turkey (alanya) that they don't accept turkish people to get inside.

i think it's a shame, and i am pleasing you foreign people to not enter such places if you will see any.!
cemeesti I agree with you but I don't think that anyone would notice that kind of a place. Cause it isn't written anywhere that Turks can't enter. It's just the door mates which I call gorillas who decide if you can enter or not. And I am sure that those Turks which are probably your friends that couldn't enter cause they must have caused a problem or they had been noisy. I never have a such problem. You can enter any where if you be a gentle.
prices in kusadasi

Hi there,

The prices in bar street are a lot more expensive than on the outskirts but leather goods have to be bargained for its half the craic having either a lemon tea or an ephes while trying to bargain the seller down. Try the old part of the town where in some cases the prices are half that of bar street.
Anyway about 10 years ago I remember that kusadasi didn't let any of the Turks in unless accompanied by a tourist but thank god that has all stopped and its really nice to see the girls out dancing as well . The girls have shown us some great dances and its a pleasure to see Turkish husbands and wives out enjoying themselves.

Hope this helps

Sue from DUBLIN
and still guys people who works in hotels etc. are caring about foreign tourists more. i think at least, in turkey, we turks gotto respect each other more.

just an example.. last year, i had 2 weeks vocation in switzerland and i saw that swiss people were not so friendly to turks generally as diffrent from we are more friendly to them when they are in turkey.

i remember that i talked with a german guy and he was telling that many turkish people in his country is even lack of to speak german langauge even they are living in germany. but damn, i told about german people who live in turkey who cannot speak turkish! and i said that noone is asking them why they cannot speak turkish here. damn, it's just bullshit.

.. please don't understand me wrong, i am not a damned nationalist.

but i think, we turkish people should be more proudful!
Hey Cemeesti

You should be proud to be turkish as you are the nicest people. I have been to spain and other places but turkey has to be the best.

I have noticed that there is still some places that wont let turkish in. I agree they should let everyone in unless they have caused trouble in the past..

hehe thank you :cheesy:

well, honestly i don't know a lot about your country but maybe only because of a good memorize with an estonian girl in an irish pub, the word ireland sounds good for me :p

and yea, you irish people in that forum are cool too : )

Hey guys relax, ;)

I am away in 2 and a half weeks to Kusadasi and I dont care whether your pink ,yellow,green or spotted colour, if I meet you in town and you are cool lets get together and boogie. Ireland has a lot of Turkish people over here and its great craic to return the hospitality that I have received in turkey regardless of what nationality you are. Just enjoy life and love one another.

Sue from Dublin
Allah Yardim Et I sound like a hippy but who cares

Hi All, when on a day trip to Izmir we met a smashing turkish chap on the coach who was giving us advice on what to buy and not to buy and the
right price we should be paying for prizzies.
unfortunatly we can not remember hes name but he spent the morning with us in Izmir taking us around the market until he went on to a meeting to buy ladies bags for he,s shop in the old part of kusadasi market,
he was a great help but we did go to he,s shop on are return to kusadasi
for lemon tea, he also helped use to buy oynexs fruit & Bowl at a very very good price before going back home. :wave:


When in Turkey do as the turkish do and go la la as wombat says if you make a friend over there they will go out of there way to get you the cheapest prices available and the craic is 90 when the bargaining starts. It is also a good idea to try to get to a wholesalers especially a leather one as there is more of a selection and the prices can be much cheaper.

Bye for now