Hi to all,

Where is the cheapest and the best turkish baths in Kusadasi either in or near the centrum. I need a good scrub when I get over there to keep my bronzed body. In all the years I have gone over there I have never had a Turkish Bath. Any Ideas????

Thanks a lot

Sue from Dublin
Sue you must go to a bath at least once in your life. You will never forget it. It feels so relaxilng after the bath. You can find a Turkish Bath (Hamam) by contacting your travel agency. Try Sun&Fun; they will give you the cheapest price. But be sure to go to the Hamam this time.
turkish baths

Thanks a mil will do but I do have baths otherwise i would be very smelly just not a turkish baths. I am very clean otherwise the turkish authorities wouldnt let me into the country cos of health reasons.

Gorusmek Uzere

turkish baths

Ceemesti you are cok deli

I was surrounded by 4 guards in adnan airport and handcuffed and I only realised that it was Mustafa a friend of mine from Izmir messing around with his friends. Allah Yardim et I got an awful fright but we all met up during the week and had a few Ephes.


turkish baths

Hi Claire,

Thanks for that if its near the taxi rank I know where it is I think there is a barber shop near it so we are definitely going to go the following morning.

Thanks again Claire

Ceemesti you are cok deli ----

deli - sen delisin... you are mad
sarisin - sen sarisinsin... you are blonde
sevimli - sen çok sevimlisin - you are very cute
küçük - sen çok küçüksün - you are very tiny

birakolik - ben bir birakoligim - i am a beercholic
irlandali - ben irlandaliyim - i am irish


btw, i think adnan was weird because he waited you in the airport with 3 guys: P

Cemeesti ya la la.

Adnan is the name of the bloody airport ya la la ur so cute sen cok sevimlisin the guards were friends of a friend of mine called Mustafa who is married to an english girl. I know Musty about 8 years but he was hidden in the back while he watched the joke being played on me.

Cok Bue buse

I wonder what would cemeesti would say about the Ataturk airport if you meantened about it. I think it would be some thing like;
Oh Sue... Ataturk must had three friends with him waiting for you.

:razz: :razz: :razz: :wave: :wave: :wave:

Take care cemeesti :)

Go On Vivakusadasi,

Fair play ta ya now Cemeesti na na na na na that was hilarious vivakusadasi. I wonder how his mate Istanbul is and if he is free for dinner when I get to Turkey.

Cemeesti sen delisin but sen cok sevimlisin ah little bless and viva your brill.

Really busy in work talk to you all later


Cemeesti your a little darling wont be able to talk until monday but i got your no and will text ya

Hoscakal arkadasim
see i remember what you taught me