Marmaris And Kusadasi

Hi last year we stayed just out side Marmaris and found it very noisy with lots of clubs and bar with a typical holiday type town attitued of lots of noise and bright lights plus the get you in get your money and get you out attitude like most english holiday towns with sun the people where nice but ia bit false it was all money driven Kusadasi is more for the permant living side of Turkey if fact we bought a villa just outside Kus there lots to do we found it cheaper than Marmaris the people are not so money driven and shops will often offer you a drink this can very offten be of putting but is normaly them just being frendly we far prefer Kus and the people here it is also not so hot in summer(still hot though) hope this helps by the way try the turkish food in proper resteraunt its better and cheaper than the English style sorry about spelling still not awake
Best thing about Marmaris is that you can hop on the ferry and spend a day in Rhodes!

Did enjoy the nightlife in older part of town though, especially the rock club.


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Blackpool! hired a car from Kusadasi a few years ago to go down to Marmaris - planned to stay 2 or 3 nights - stayed 1!! Too much like Blackpool for me I'm afraid. Give me Kusadasi everytime
marmaris is a much bigger resort than kusadasi.....i think thats what puts people off...its a fantastic place...busier than kusadasi...great nite life..restaurants...and just outside marmaris 10 mins on the bus is the best resort in turkey................icmeler...fab beach...excellent restaurants...absolutely beautiful place....i love kusadasi cause it was the 1st place we went to...the place is great the people..its a very friendly resort where u can make some great friends for life:cool:
I have to agree oonz, I think the marmaris area is much prettier than kusadasi (don't know if it's cheaper)

I prefer their mountains with pine forests, and around that penninsula are litterally hundreds of small bays and beaches and lots of other smaller resorts, such as turunc (where we stayed) I thought it was all very pretty.
The infrastructure seems better too. Better roadways and pathways.

I've heard marmaris being called the blackpool of turkey before, but for me kusadasi is. Marmaris is a much more expensive area than kusadasi with regards to purchasing a house. It seems to me that they have better building regulations or that Turkeys building regulations have been better enforced.

On a positive note for kusadasi, it's got an older vibe and being a huge port town (almost a city I guess) it's has a very interesting mix of cultures. There's also ephesus to take into account ; I think everyone should visit there at least once, amazing place.
I visited Marmaris last week and one thing I found different was the Exchange Rates in the exchange offices were a lot less than you get from the exchange offices here - I know they are always less than the banks but for the bank to offer 2.44 and the exchange shop 2.23 is a bigger difference I think - as here it less but not by that great amount imo anyway - I was ther in April and thought their exchange shops offered less than the ones here then too!

Marmaris itself I think is a nice place - but prefer living here!


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one thing that stands out for me is that many places in marmaris are aimed at the 'Brits abroad' loads of places for your full english breakfast, chips with everything etc etc, when i visited i hated it & we spent most of our time going down the road to Icmeler.

Kusadasi is similar as many places are aimed towards the irish, so many irish bars etc.

I think what i love about Kusadasi is the different areas, you can easily get away from the central area & have a relaxed holiday. the beaches are much nicer then marmaris & icmeler (which i found to be very small & the sand not very good)
in my opinion marmaris and kusadasi are both much different to each other.i went to marmaris for 10 years and lived there for a while.
it is a beautiful place and is a bigger resort. i have to say though i think the scenery in kusadasi is much better than in marmaris although the scenery is nice in marmaris.i have also found things in kusadasi cheaper than marmaris especially meals and the portion sizes in kusadasi seem to be much bigger.
in marmaris you will find some lovley resteraunts along the beach front and in nearly all of these resteraunts after dinner there is always some kind of entertainment.
then there is the famous bar street in marmaris which is much bigger than the one in has got some great night clubs and some of them are very big where as in kusadasi the bars in bar street tend to be quit small.there are 2 water parks as far as i can remember in marmaris but while they are okey they would not put a patch on adaland in kusadasi.adaland is what i call a water park.
the kervansaray in marmaris is where they hold the turkish night and it is a great show and a few years ago they done up this place and it truley is a fabulous place now with a great atmosphere.
just about 10 or 15 minutes away from marmaris you can also visit another resort called icmeler.this resort is very pretty and the beach is nicer than marmaris and it is a quiter resort.
over all i think the atmosphere in kusadasi is better for some reason and while i would reccomed marmaris to anyone i have to say after visiting kusadasi i cant see myself returning to marmaris anytime soon.
and while both resorts have great things to offer for me kusadasi wins

also i forgot to say that by going to kusadasi you wont have to travel as far to see beautiful pammukale and ephesus and izmir city itself.and if you wanted to visit the virgin mary house its only about half an hour up the road from kusadasi
I think marmaris is much prettier too, it was the first resort i went to in turkey and where i met my boyfriend so it holds a special place in my heart. the old town is very similar to kusadasi kaleici area one of the things that lets marmaris down is the beach but that is easily solved by going to icmeler. kusadasi has beaches i havent managed to go to in the years im going there so thats a big difference if your a beach person. i think you should give kusadasi a chance, going to one resort on holiday means you miss out on other great places.