Best Beaches?


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Hi Crystalsea
all of the beaches in Kusadasi are beautiful!!!
if you look on the pictures (gallery) on this site, there are some really nice photographs to give you an example.

the most popular beaches are:
Ladies beach
Long Beach
Natural beach

My favorite is Ladies beach!!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!
I'd prefer the Long Beach where it's quiet comparing to the ladies beach and the others. But I think it is best to take a boat trip. It also seems cheaper than going to the beach.
why dont u talk about national park if the subject is beaches and nature...there are wonderful beaches there especially the last coves.
Ladies beach is nice but very crowded for my taste , green beach , national park beach is nice but kustur beach is totally disaster ,only one part in front the Tusan hotel is clean .
My vote is for boat trip ,its best way to enjoy clear wather and beatifulu small beaches.
Our favourite was The Silver sand beach where it is I think very quiet compared to the big popular beaches.Paradise beach was also ok.We liked the Mayflower resataurant anyway and the guys from there came to the Silver beach so it was in any way perfect!! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) :razz:

Sorry to have to be a wet blanket but I really hated Ladies Beach way too crowded the beach that is the best has to be Long Beach its absolutely beautiful and the silver beach is cok guzel as well.

Kustur and ladies beach

I think kustur beach isn't a disaster anymore. They cleaned it this year, and I was glad to see in september fishes swimming in a very clear water. I think it's really better now, but I agree that a part of this beach (exepted in front of kustur and tusan) stay like dirty.

For Ladies beach, I agree it's crowded. I prefer go there in May. There is just a few long chairs, not lots of tourits, all is clean. At the beginning of the season, it's a real pleasure to go there... :clap:
love beach

i loved love beach when i went to it. you are able to relax and have a drink and lay in the sun and have a great day..the staff on this beach are great.
Hi from Sunny Yorkshire , we have a house in Kusadasi and love paradise Beach , so quiet even in mid summer, good to be on the forum thanks for administrating it.
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