Sorry Nikki ,

I cant help you on this one you have been really good to me with all the info and I cant help you I feel terrible. Furniture isnt something I would buy in Kusadasi as I couldnt fit it into my suit case on the awy home.

Sorry again

Nikki there are a couple of places where you can buy cheap furniture and electrics. They are mostly called Spot Magazasi. If you ask anyone when you come down, they will help you. Or you can contact me by mail... I'll be happy to help.
no worries Sue thanks anyway . might see you over in kusadasi i am going this monday.

Viva kusadasi you are great

Thank you for the help!!

will do cemeesti.

I will get a turkish number when i get over there on monday as I am staying there for 3 months.

See you all soon.