Panderosa Restaurant


Hey everybody!

I'm sorry that I'm writing here, but I didn't know where else to go...

I have a small problem. I need the address to a Reastaurant i Alanya called "Panderosa"! Does anyone know where I can find the address, or maybe find the address for me... Thank you!

Hugs Kathrine :wave:
Kusadasi-Guy I think it's in Alanya.

Ralph1006 I would get the address for you if it was in Kusadasi but it is in Alanya as you said. So I don't think any body here knows about it. Sorry. :(
Is this a page for a certain city?? Oh, okay... Sorry! :)
It's just because in Denmark we have a website where you can find the address to everywhere.. You don't have that in Turkey??

Hugs Kathrine


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You can contact with them. They are an IT company in Alanya and i am sure they can help you. Just try to email them.