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We went to the Degirmen a few nights ago and ordered the lamb shank which we have had many times.This time though it was more spicy than before and you could'nt tell it was lamb. In fact the whole dish had just one taste.Have they changed the chef ?
Degirmen restaurant

Hi all,
We will be in Kus next week - hurray :woohoo:!! we'd very much like to try the Degirmen resturant. Where exactly is it ? Anywhere near Kipa or further towards Davutler or Kus ? a map would be good, the link to their website isnt working or I would look there. Many thanks guys .


Turn right at the traffic lights after Kipa. Carry on on that road for about 3 kilometres, this is the Davutlar Road. Dergimen is on the left hand side of the road on a very bad bend. Cinar/Dergimen restaurant is opposite.
The entrance fee is 1 lira.
I was there a couple of weeks ago with friends. The camels and the donkeys are still in a stall which is far too small and their water is disgustingly dirty.


So, to get there you get the Davutlar Dolmus and ask for Degirmen? Is wine still 60tl a bottle? Can you get the Dolmus back to either centrum or near Ladies Beach?
One of the better restaurants in Kus. Its not even just a restaurant it's more of a nature park. The restaurant looks like a grand house sitting on the small hill surrounded by overfed rabbits and peacocks and other animals, my sister loved playing with them.

This is from Ciao, All the food is organic, some of it grown on-site. An olive grove provides olives for their very own olive oil, and they bottle their grapes under the Doluca label. At your table peasant bread the diameter of a large pan accompanies such dishes as tandir kebap (lamb cooked in an "in-ground" oven, Anatolian style) or the special Degirmen kebap (spareribs, chicken wings, quail, and lamb chops). Try the eriste (homemade egg noodles) or the içli köfte (meat-filled bulgur balls, either boiled or fried), and finish off with a slice of the house künefe (cheese-filled buttery string pastry covered in syrup and served hot).
I was about to ask that very question before i reached the end and saw your answer Karinbea. Will this restaurant be open next week? i don't suppose you happen to have the pick up number to hand by any chance? we don't know the area very well im not sure ill be able to find any dolmus let alone the one i want to be on.


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On their website *Click* it says the phone number is: Tel : +90(256) 681 41 00.

It's really easy to get a dolmus there, it's not very far away. You can catch dolmuses in the center of town near the Wednesday Market (you'll get your bearings once there :)) or from the big bus station in Kusadasi. On the front of them they have the name of where they are going.

For more help on how to ride a dolmus, read this thread: Dolmus Help
Just check when you get on the Davutlar dolmus that it is going by the Değirmen. My friends caught the Davutlar bus this year to go to the restaurant and the bus didn't go past the Değirmen. Fortunately the driver kindly drove them to the restaruant.
Make sure you enqiire off the dolmus driver whether they are passing Degirmen.
The dolmuses passing are the Guzelcamli/Millipark ones. The Davultlar dolmus does not normally pass via Degirmen. It arrives at Davutlar via Paradise , Love beach route
You're right, the Davutlar SITESI dolmus doesn't pass Degirmen because it goes through all the sites on the beach route.
For Degirmen you should take the Davutlar DIREK dolmus, which stays on the main road and always passes Degirmen!
My boyfriend’s nephew loves this restaurant, more so because of the animals. If he knows i’m due to fly to Turkey then he says will Lori take me to see the animals and doesn’t stop asking until i’ve agreed to. It’s a nice place to spend an hour, i have never eaten there we have only had a drink and an ice cream but i bet the food is very good.