Heinz Tomato Ketchup - wow!!!

Went into Tansas by Koctas today and purchased a "BIG" bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup for 4.50 ytl - which after seeing Branston Pickle in Kipa for 12+ ytl we thought was a pretty good buy!!!!

Mavi;193909 said:
I seen it too, last week, and there was heinz tomato soup;)
I don't mind the soups, its the tomato ketchup that I've not found one I've liked, so it was a real boost to pay the same price for Heinz Tomato Ketchup as I would some of the local products....



Sweet Yorkshire Rose
We should all compile a list of what we would like them to stock and present them with it and see what happens.

choc digestives i did enjoy, along with choc hobnobs, Mcvities of course. i'm hoping a friend coming back in Jan will bring me couple packets.:drool:


Majestic Majella
I'm nearly sure it was two years ago, but could have been last year, we had a leaflet delivered to all the houses on our sitesi asking us to come to a meeting for migros/Tansas
not sure which, to discuss what we would like stocked in the store, they advised us to make up at list of the items before we came, with all good intentions five or six of us sat and made up a list, but we never made it to the meeting. I'm sure if you made up a list they would take it on board, and It would be easier to do on here, most of us was only there for the summer so it was not that important to us.