robbed while we slept

we have just returned from golden day hotel & our hotel room was robbed while we slept in our bed,we wernt the only victims,there were 5 other rooms done aswell.we have ideas who did this but because of legal reasons we cannot say.apart from this we had a good time.
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What a pity!..
But, what the hotel staff said about this robbery?
the rep was less than useless,all he was interested in was his commission from the tours we booked.the hotel manager was very upset and could not appologise enough.


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I am so sorry to heard that Halesy. Also i have read your hotel review and it's very unbiased and i am sure that it will help others.

i actually dont like to read negative comments/posts here but as a unbiased website we are now forcing all hotels in Kusadasi to be better i think. At least, if anyone can read your review then they re-decide to where to stay and cancel their booking from mentioned hotel if they have already booked.

And you can tell us also your travel agency.

Again, i am so sorry to heard that and thank You so much to share with us.

God Halesly,

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate mishap. I have to say I have never experienced a bad incident in Kusadasi other then the usual fights on the streets which happen sporadically. I would love to know what tour operator your with and dont forget to get a POLICE REPORT as you will need this to claim when you get back.

Take care
sue :roll: :roll:
perfect choice was our tour operator. As we only lost under ten pounds (the rest of our money was put away safe) we were the lucky ones.Others lost cash and camera phones. We dont need police report because or exess is more than we lost. We did enjoy our stay in Kusadasi and will go back again at sometime.

Hi DennyWenny,

Just make sure that you use the safety deposit boxes that should be provided in the hotel and everything should be ok. Also I have to stay that on the odd occasions that I have heard of these robberies it has been the toiurists that have been responsible unfortunately. I wouldnt let this incident stop you from coming away on hols remember forewarned is better than not knowing as you know this happens in every country in the world. Kusadasi is brill and you will have a ball. I will be there in less than 2 weeks and I cant wait. Be vigilant and be aware of other people in the hotel .

Enjoy the hols