Turkish personality

After observing the Turkish people over the years my opinion is that the Turkish are unusually full of contradictions. Not only have they east and west in them i.e. European and Asian, but they have an intense pride combined with an acute inferiority complex, a deep xenophobia with an overwhelming hospitality to strangers, a profound need for flattery with an absolute disregard for what anybody thinks of him. This is my opinion, no doubt a lot of you will disagree.


Sweet Yorkshire Rose
Yeh have to agree i find the people and the country full of contradictions....and i don't mean this in a derogatory way.
This is some information i found about the Turkish personality and i have to agree with most of what is written. The Turkish personality is characterised by a sense of extreme anticlimax. Turks are diligent, but see hustle and commotion as senseless; serious but clingy; they try to emulate one of their folk heroes, Nasreddin Hoca. They respect the authority of the government, but they insist on their democracy. They are sociable, nice and hospitable. Even though most of them are poor, money does not mean everything to them. To them, the most important thing is trustworthiness and honour. Theft is seen as the most embarrassing of all crimes and because of that is seldom seen in the countryside. Nothing is more despised than somebody losing his self control, so it does not make sense if you lose your temper in front of a Turk. Trust between men, instilled by military service, is really important for Turkish males. To join the army for about 18 month is, to the Turkish mentality, a kind of important and strict extra part of education where, quite often, young Turks start learning how to read and write and learn the basis of what will be their later profession. Turkish officers, mostly from middle class backgrounds see themselves as nobility and as the social conscience of the nation.

They are very proud people, very different to the personality of people from Western Europe, very warm and their honour is something they would never compromise.
I find most of your post a contradiction to its self.
ie respect the authority of the goverment,- when we all know they will give a backhander to get what they want
Hustle and commotion as senseless- Turkish people are very animated when talking, so much that westerners will stop because we think they are arguing
They are quite happy to take the fruit off your trees without asking or cut plants from your garden.
And a lot of Turkish men would like to buy themselfs out of Military service.
Dont get me wrong, I am not knocking any of it, I love Turkey and love living here, but whoever wrote that passage, does not live in the Turkey that I know.


Mancunian Crooner
You can not generalize an entire nation in any part of the world its impossible-some people are honourable some are not it all boils down to human diversity.kib
Turks are great.
I think they are very similar to the Celts. they either love you or hate you.
very patriotic, its only religion that parts us. other than that we are the same although morally we've slipped a bit

thanks for the red dot
whats your view then ?
Turkish people.. Well I live in a massive Turkish family with 47 cousins and I can say that not all Turks are the same but from a lot of Turks I’ve realised these characterstics

-quick tempered
-straightforward (they don’t care how direct they’re being)
-some what old fashioned
-great dancers, dancing is part of the culture
-cooking, mainly girls do the cooking
-hard working
-raised very strict