Day trip to Bozdag

A local company called brookside Travel have started doing day trips to Bozdag. The cost is 50ytl pp and includes lunch, which I thought was resonable. We went to Bozdag last year and it was a lovely day out. The girls really enjoyed making snow men and sledging.
As it's the school holidays I thought some of you with kids may consider doing the trip.

I have a contact number, if Umit says it's ok then I'll post it.
The company is nothing to do with me and I don't know the people who own or run it.

If you ski, or even fancy trying it, then you'll be able to during the trip. My father took the ski lift to the top of the mountain and back down again; he took some amazing pictures. The ski lift trip cost about 4 ytl return (from memory) and if you're not afraid of heights I'd really recommend it.


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It sounds like a really great way to spend a day. Do they depart from Izmir?

Thanks for posting the info on here Char!
I don't think so, I think it's just kusadasi. If I recall it takes about 2 hours by car? I did post about our bozdag trip, but I've forgotten.

I'm sure there are daily tours from Izmir though Mella ; if I hear of one I'll post the details.
that sounds really good, isnt it crazy u can be in kusadasi with the sun shining and a bus ride away and you are skiing down a mountain, aint turkey great!