when does the season start??


Season is almost started. Couple of tourist groups are arriving on these days. For barstreet we say season starts on last week of april. There is still some reparing works on the streets especially around the post office and cervanserail area. Lots of the shops are already open and waiting for the customers :) I hope this season will be better than last one Kusadasi really needs a nice season after all that happen in middle east we had really bad seasons also cause of the terrible earthquake's happened in turkey. This season starting without any problems i belive it will be much better


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I hope Kusadasi has a good season to!! The prices for holidays in turkey have dropped this year, so think there will be lots of Brits going over. I think most of the british companies start flying over on 1 may. Can't wait!! Roll on summer!!!!
8) :lol:


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Trust me that this season will cheaper than ever :wink:

Just check the announcement on our main page :idea:

We Love All of Our Visitors. And we have prepared very nice surprise. We will proudly announce it on 14 April - Wednesday. Kusadasi.BiZ packs the punch you need for a great holiday and enjoyment with unprecedented advantages!

Season is started! You can easly see the difference on the streets. Most of the bars and pubs are already open so as shops, it will be a great season a lot cheaper and much busier!


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IrishLady said:
When will the season ends? september? We would like to come to Kusadasi in september, is it okey?
Trust me that it's one of the best month to come to Kusadasi; sunny, not overload crowd, bars are still open and colorful, warm sea as well :wink: